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The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region Core Curriculum Programme is a vital curriculum and capacity-building project. Development of core competencies for public health has been a integral component of ASPHER’s operations since 2006. In 2022, it was agreed that a new direction was required. The Core Curriculum Programme strives to address the 'New Normal' which has impacted the public health landscape through the global pandemic of COVID-19 and other current crises.

ASPHER's vision of sustainable capacity-building in public health is more important than ever in the context of current population health challenges and threats. It is timely, therefore, to re-evaluate the 5th Edition of the ASPHER Core Competences for the Public Health Professionals (2018), and to address a Core Curriculum for Public Health for academic and vocational training programmes that supports the attainment of competencies according to existing Competency Frameworks and WHO Essential Public Health Functions (EPHFs).

The Core Curriculum Programme relies on continuous connection, knowledge sharing and collegiality across many academic and public health practice sites within and beyond the European region.

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